Four key values contained in the dentistry journal

There is nothing better than a good online medical journal to help all stakeholders bring qualitative health care and treatment to as many people as possible. To this end, stakeholders always need to be kept up to date with new innovations, medical breakthroughs and apparatus and medicines that can aid them in their service delivery. The contributions being made by an online dental journal is no different. There is one value that stands out.

In line with operating fulltime in an online space, every effort is being made to enact environmental responsibility. There is an acute awareness that far too many dental practices and their associates waste far too much printed paper during their assessments of clinical and research information as well as during their procedural work to do with administration, diagnoses and treatment regimes. The entire spectrum of dental work can be streamlined online and the dentistry sector of the health services industry can make one impactful move in the direction of reducing the carbon footprint.

There are other values that the dentistry journal adheres to. These are professional responsibility, clinical knowledge sharing and the volunteering of information and services free of charge. That last value is pertinent because it resonates with the Hippocratic Oath. It is particularly pertinent in an era where more and more patients, those that are aware of this oath’s existence, have come to wonder whether young doctors even take the oath to serve today, not fully appreciating the increased case loads that sometimes defer intimate attention away from individual patients.

All online materials and information that is stored have been peer reviewed as a matter of course. This is made possible through software technology that brings all stakeholders a lot closer together.